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Tortuga II Artwork_Fin Large.jpeg

After 2 years working  a music concert for the plants, Bottlesmoker released Tortuga II. This song comes as the new single to the sixth album called Puraka. Tortuga II tells of nature's destruction. For Angkuy & Nobie, nature in particular the forest should be home for humans. The forest has been a source of life for all of us and righteously home, we should be able to take good care of it.

The song was written in 2019 when the duo from Bandung was learning about Forest Healing. Nature is part of human, a half of the human’s body is thought having a personal relationship with nature. This human connection to nature is becoming the big theme of Puraka's album, and Tortuga II is the first part that will be the beginning for Bottlesmoker to explore spiritual energy and relationship to nature in music.

Tortuga II is a sequel song from  “Tortuga I” that was released in video format in 2020. This song has similar vibes to their fourth album called Parakosmos. We can hear there is tribal beat from East Indonesian percussion with some minimal techno elements that was their source exploration.  

The Tortuga is derived from Spanish, which means turtle. In Chinese culture, the tortoise is a symbolic of animal spirit and has longevity. In some tribes, Tortuga was made as the personification of "Mother Earth." Hopefully, the song and the video of Tortuga will provide the energy for humans to return to the forest, or the forest that comes to the town and keeps the balance of life.

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